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Loved in on Camp Chaos

Still love it now. I think Sci-fi guys was and still is superior to RAB, the comedy is so less juvinile. It's good to see it moving over to the portal.

Great sense of comedy

Fantastic animation, really enjoyed it. The cuts to the storks talking about the plot holes and how they are delt with is awesome. The tooth fairy and the baby testing were strokes of genious. The whole thing flowed nicely except for the shots at the start of the factory. It was hard to understand what was really going on. You might try shrinking the size of the rollers powerering the conveyor belts, I wasn't sure if they were actually knifes going through the rubber or not at first.

When the guy falls in the start we don't see where he goes. It would have been nice to see where he went, weather it be on a conveyor belt or not.

Either way, great animation, hope to see more like it in the future.

Love your reviews as always

Fantastic flash TX2, when I found out why you hadn't been all over newgrounds like an aardvark on an ant hill this summer. I was saddend but I guess the wait is over with your halloween flash and now this! Congratz on your first front page TX2, though it's even sweeter because you have a lot more reviews to respond to. I almost get as much of a kick out of your responces as I get out of your flashes.

Hope we'll get stuck in a class together some time up at school over the next few years. So here's to your next flash when ever that may be. Feel free to E-mail me if you want to do anything.

P.S. The mockumentory is up on the net just not here, hosting it off of my home server.

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Poor physics cripple what could be a great game.

I don't mind that I have to run with the platforms, that's not thing new. I don't mind if the second jump lags, I can compensate.
I mind when I don't HAVE a second jump. I mind when I fall right through what in other respawns in a perfectly solid platform. If you tightened up the hit detection and the control reliability this would be a fantastic flash platformer. As it is now it's aggravating for all the wrong reasons.
The level design works but is less unpredictable than IWBTG. For example, if the 3rd blood stained flipping tooth reversed its current position as you crossed over it requiring jumping onto it while it was in pointy-side-up mode would be a good twist.

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Good but had weapon problems

Good game. The levels were interesting and challenging but a large number of the weapons are neat in concept but lack practical use. Slow time and Duck Death also have problems with their reload indicator, they reload slower than indicated, which can lead to some very bad situations.

If you're having problems buy the Ricochet then save until you can get Energy homers or Squarestep, after that get lightning, and then Big Laser. Don't waste your money on the final weapon Duck Death, very slow reload, low damage, short duration. Then again there's more than enough money late game to buy everything.

I beat Lv58 by using BFG, Lightning, and Short Shield. I used the BFG as a moving shield and went corner to corner following behind it. I alternated between lightning and shortshield on each pass as the BFG alone isn't enough to keep you safe from the fast moving units.

On lv60 the final boss I used Slow time, Engery homers, and Big Laser. Slow time is to let you get in another pulse of Big Laser when the boss starts spawning minions. To dodge get in a corner for the first phase and pick a hole in the aproching waves. They'll spread out enough for you to slip through. The second phase is really hard until you find out that if you keep moving to the side in bursts there's a clear area. Third stage start with a freeze time and spam your big laser. With the slow time it should let you get some extra hits in. After that he reverts to the first phase but slightly different spread but not enough to be a game changer. Second phase though he moves around more and the clear area will get smaller. I didn't notice any change in the third phase in the second cycle. Second phase third cylce has a very small clear space but if you have your timing right you shouldn't have problems. It goes with out saying that durring the whole fight you should be spamming Missiles.

Everything else can be overcome with lightning and some luck.

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Very trying but all 30 levels are possible.

Awesome game, beat all 30 levels. Only 4 stood out and those only took some creative reworking to finnish. I agree the one with the black blocks remove some of the challenge as they provide a definite guide line for what can go where.

If your running into trouble try to have your lines either avoid completely or inclose both end points of any lines inbetween its own end points.

Most puzzles can be sumed up in that they are like onions. There are multipule layers, each going around the next. This is the same with the lines. Each line goes around another line which goes around another line which goes around another line and so on.

If an end point is 1 away from the edge, it's a sure bet that something is going to be going around that end point.

Either way, no level is impossible, if your aproach fails try a completely different way. Some levels make it obvious what needs to go where while others take a long time to grasp.

On the level you have to wrap Orange around the whole cube (somewhere in the twenties, 27?) It's like a snake when you have to get past blue, green, and purple. From the top left go down then up around the lower purple then above the green and down again to reach the path to the other orange end point. Once you do this all other paths should automaticly be obvious.

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