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I wanna be the flash game I wanna be the flash game

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Poor physics cripple what could be a great game.

I don't mind that I have to run with the platforms, that's not thing new. I don't mind if the second jump lags, I can compensate.
I mind when I don't HAVE a second jump. I mind when I fall right through what in other respawns in a perfectly solid platform. If you tightened up the hit detection and the control reliability this would be a fantastic flash platformer. As it is now it's aggravating for all the wrong reasons.
The level design works but is less unpredictable than IWBTG. For example, if the 3rd blood stained flipping tooth reversed its current position as you crossed over it requiring jumping onto it while it was in pointy-side-up mode would be a good twist.

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Heavy Weapons Heavy Weapons

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good but had weapon problems

Good game. The levels were interesting and challenging but a large number of the weapons are neat in concept but lack practical use. Slow time and Duck Death also have problems with their reload indicator, they reload slower than indicated, which can lead to some very bad situations.

If you're having problems buy the Ricochet then save until you can get Energy homers or Squarestep, after that get lightning, and then Big Laser. Don't waste your money on the final weapon Duck Death, very slow reload, low damage, short duration. Then again there's more than enough money late game to buy everything.

I beat Lv58 by using BFG, Lightning, and Short Shield. I used the BFG as a moving shield and went corner to corner following behind it. I alternated between lightning and shortshield on each pass as the BFG alone isn't enough to keep you safe from the fast moving units.

On lv60 the final boss I used Slow time, Engery homers, and Big Laser. Slow time is to let you get in another pulse of Big Laser when the boss starts spawning minions. To dodge get in a corner for the first phase and pick a hole in the aproching waves. They'll spread out enough for you to slip through. The second phase is really hard until you find out that if you keep moving to the side in bursts there's a clear area. Third stage start with a freeze time and spam your big laser. With the slow time it should let you get some extra hits in. After that he reverts to the first phase but slightly different spread but not enough to be a game changer. Second phase though he moves around more and the clear area will get smaller. I didn't notice any change in the third phase in the second cycle. Second phase third cylce has a very small clear space but if you have your timing right you shouldn't have problems. It goes with out saying that durring the whole fight you should be spamming Missiles.

Everything else can be overcome with lightning and some luck.

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3d logic 3d logic

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very trying but all 30 levels are possible.

Awesome game, beat all 30 levels. Only 4 stood out and those only took some creative reworking to finnish. I agree the one with the black blocks remove some of the challenge as they provide a definite guide line for what can go where.

If your running into trouble try to have your lines either avoid completely or inclose both end points of any lines inbetween its own end points.

Most puzzles can be sumed up in that they are like onions. There are multipule layers, each going around the next. This is the same with the lines. Each line goes around another line which goes around another line which goes around another line and so on.

If an end point is 1 away from the edge, it's a sure bet that something is going to be going around that end point.

Either way, no level is impossible, if your aproach fails try a completely different way. Some levels make it obvious what needs to go where while others take a long time to grasp.

On the level you have to wrap Orange around the whole cube (somewhere in the twenties, 27?) It's like a snake when you have to get past blue, green, and purple. From the top left go down then up around the lower purple then above the green and down again to reach the path to the other orange end point. Once you do this all other paths should automaticly be obvious.

Serious Santa Serious Santa

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great game, lots of work went into this.

Tips and Tricks:

The 5 guys you can use are:
Santa: 80 HP, normal jump, 5 damage on main weapon, normal rate of fire, Rocket normal explosion size, Grenade splits into 3 droplets.
P-Bot: 100 HP, Very high jump due to boosters, 10 damage on main weapon, slightly lower rate of fire, Rocket has slightly smaller explosive size, Grenade splits into 5 droplets. Over all the best of the 5.
Pico: 55 HP, High jump, 5 damage on main weapon, Very fast fire rate, high jump, Rocket has a large exploive size, Grenade slpits into about 7 droplets. My Favored guy because you can almost fly by shooting the ground really fast.
Pycho Gold Fish: 40 HP, low jump, 7 damage on main weapon, normal/slow fire rate, Rocket has a very large explosion size, Grenade splits into 3 droplets with large explovie sizes. Unique, Water has no effect execpt that it makes him jump very high.
Alien: 30 HP, Higher than Picos lower than P-Bots, 10 damage on main weapon, normal fire rate, normal explosion size. If you use Grenade option with him you will get a MASSIVE explosion rather than a grenade blast.

Your primary gun is your best weapon over all. When using it on everyone try to get close to your target as there are only a finite number of rounds that can be on the screen at once. If you're closer to the target you can shoot much faster.

To get the hidden guys you need to get to them as fast as possible, don't worry about leaving unkilled guys behind, enemies spwan and are infinite.

Alien: Move quickly to the left and grab the grenades then shoot into the house. In one of the windows should be a cicle with a head in it. You can't blow it up so don't worry. Only problem is that 3 goblins will be annoying you while you blow the roof off.

P-Bot: You need to rush to get him. Move as FAST as you can to the right until you reach the gingerbread man and then blow up the barrel on his arm. If you moved fast enough P-Bot should be in his center. After getting him, Die.

Pycho Gold Fish: After dieing select P-Bot for Lv2 and go though the level rather fast, when you get to the elfs instead of walking into them shoot them off the ledge, the'll be fine. Walk to where the elfs where then jump and fire at the ground. At the very top of the map in the air will be the Gold Fish, it may take you a few jumps to get him. After this drop down and pick up the elfs.

Pico: This is a fun level, walk to the tank and grab the 3 rocket ammos. Sit at the base of the tank and blow a path though the ground. After about 4 rockets you should end up in a cave on a ledge. Move your coursor to the bottom right of the screen and you should see pico inside the ledge. Problem is there is a gold stripe that you can't blow though. Blow your way around the tip of it near the edge and make your way to Pico.

Boss: Make sure you have some rocket ammo for this round, makes it so much easier. First off use your normal rounds and meet up with the ice ape. Shoot him and he will start following you. Run to the right and jump up the wall. Keep jumping as sometimes he can still hit you. Shoot the goblin on his back. When he falls off and runs away Icicles will spwan. The Icicles have 20 HP. While the beast is roaring run to the left away from it and bring the first icicle to 1 shot from dropping. Then when he start to follow you shoot it while he's under it. There are 4 and just drop them on his head as he moves under each. He takes 5 to go down though. When you hit him the 4th time jump at him while he is flashing red and fire behind you to make your self move faster. Repeat what you did to drop the final Icicles on his head. After that the goblin king will meet up with you. To kill him use your rocket launcher and blow holes in the floor until it hits water, the king will jump in and kill himself on the water. Be warned though, if he gets a direct hit with his grenade on you it does 95 damage. You can tell when he's going to attack by him jumping strait up and throwing his arms out. Jump to avoid the expolsion that the grenade causes.

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Massive Attack Massive Attack

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Nuke does not kill catapults

also it gets really annoying to keep having to hear those screams, can you add a turn sound off button?

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Taipan 3000 SE Taipan 3000 SE

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great to see this classic remade

I was a junkie of the original 3 years ago. Glad to see the same trick works with doing small trades until you can get the most expensive trade item then just find good deals on that. Also great to see that you can sell the drones. The new fighing system has its good points and bad points but I think I like it. The plot element really adds something to it, great idea. Personaly a big Thank You to you guys who remaid this.

Millionaire: LOTR Edition Millionaire: LOTR Edition

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Just movie questions

Nothing any real LOTR fan couldn't tell you, some where just plain easy even if you had just see the movie once. Though the last question was a bit random and quite good there were no real questions that someone who read the book would have to look up again to get. An example would be: "What is the name of the horn that Gimli blows in Helm's Deep?". Then again I can't really critisize you, me and my friend play LOTR triva with questions we come up with and force the other to look for an eternity to get the anwser. One that I hate was what is the name of all 12 ponies that the fellowship use. I can only get about 6.

Crimson Warfare Crimson Warfare

Rated 5 / 5 stars

great work

almost screams "Red Alert rip off" but even though it may be a close rip off it's still great and origonal but annoying how cheating and evil the comp is.

Megaman vs Metroid Megaman vs Metroid

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

very nice design

the mix of metroid and megaman was very good the switch of the protagonists was a great idea, but I only have one question: why does samus hurt megaman when she touches him? if it hurt both of them that would be better but I guess it's just a video game law

Mars - Prerelease Mars - Prerelease

Rated 5 / 5 stars


the wookie take 300 to -15 until it dies and you don't need the key card

ok, i'll tell the codes but THIS IS A SPOILER WARING!!!

1st code: 7926458311

2nd code: 4967125482

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TMP responds:

The -15 was just the time it took for it to get the the frame that defines if he dies or not. His health only needs to goto 0.